Dar es Salaam, June 13, 2024 In a fiercely contested netball tournament held at the TBS grounds in Dar es Salaam, the College of Business Education (CBE) team displayed exceptional skill by securing a resounding victory against the Comfort team. This being their seventh match in the third division, CBE triumphed with a score of 46-13.

Following this victory, the CBE netball team made history by securing second place and winning the Third Division League Cup. This triumph has earned them a promotion to participate in the Second Division League, which will commence in August this year in Kilimanjaro region. The CBE team has promised to continue their rigorous preparations to ensure they perform even better in the highly competitive Second Division League games.

The overall Performance of CBE Queens team against other teams in the Third Division League matches are as follows:

1. 08/06/2024: CBE Queens 24 vs. Ajax 19

2. 08/06/2024: CBE Queens 40 vs. Benjamin Mkapa Secondary

03. 09/06/2024: Kigamboni Municipal 12 vs. CBE Queens 33

04. 10/06/2024: JK Queens 19 vs. CBE Queens 18

05. 11/06/2024: CBE Queens 33 vs. TBS 10

06. 12/06/2024: CBE Queens 40 vs. Chuo Cha Maji

07. 13/06/2024: Comfort 9 vs. CBE Queens 28

The CBE team showcased exceptional performance throughout the tournament, paving the way for their advancement to the higher league.