Department of Legal and Industrial Metrology


 Head of Department 

Mr. Vitalis J. Mwinyi

Phone: 0765 880888, 0712022202
Office Location: Metrology Building LM02





Academic Coordinator

Name : Ms. Faidha Msangi 
Phone: 0715103534
Office Location: Metrology Building

Marketing Coordinator 

Name : Mr. Jeremiah Mwaipopo
Phone: 0767086303
Office Location: Metrology Building

Research, Consultancy and Short Courses 

Name : Mr. Faraja E. Nyoni
Office Location:
Metrology Building

Curiculla and Quality Control Coordinator

Name : Mr. Julius Kitalile
Phone: 0713048378
Office Location: Metrology Building

Programmes offered by the Department 

Certificate Programmes

  • Basic Technician Certificate in Metrology and Standardization (BTCMS)

Ordinary Diplomas

  • Ordinary Diploma in Metrology and Standardization (DMETS)

Bachelor Degrees 

  • Bachelor's Degree in in Metrology and Standardization (BMETS)


Career Prospects of the Programs Offered 

Individuals studying metrology and standardization can pursue diverse career paths in industries where precision, quality control, and adherence to standards are crucial. Potential roles include metrologists responsible for designing accurate measurement systems, quality control specialists ensuring product standards are met, calibration technicians maintaining measurement equipment accuracy, and standards compliance officers ensuring adherence to industry regulations. Other opportunities may involve roles in research and development, education, consultancy, software development for metrology purposes, and positions within government regulatory bodies. The demand for these professionals remains high across various sectors as industries seek to enhance quality, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.