Department of Business Studies with Education


  Head of Department  •    DR. MANONGI NTIMBWA
•    0754312072
•    BLOCK D – Fourth Floor, Room No. 3
  Coordinator (s)

•    0714087010
•    Admission office

  Programmes offered by the Department  Degree
•    Bachelor of Business Studies Education (BBSE)
  Career prospects of the programs offered by department Students in the Department of Education have variety of Career options in teaching professional. Graduates are prepared under Competence Based Education Training (CBET) which is mandatory requirement of Technical Training Program to be accredited by the National Council for Technical and Vocational Education Training (NACTIVET).They are equipped with varieties of competence that are useful in developing 21st century skills in Business Industry. 
The following are career options available for the students;
•    Economics
•    Guidance and counselling
•    Assessment and Evaluation,
•    entrepreneurship, 
•    research, 
•    Management and leadership in Education,
•    ICT in teaching and Inclusive and diversity management

Our Vision

To be a leading College in transforming and developing business education capabilities.