Executive Profiles


1. Prof. Edda T. Lwoga Rector
2. Prof. Emmanuel J. Munishi DR- PFA
3.  Dr. Nasibu R. Mramba Ag. DR - ARC
4. Dr. Kembo Bwana Director of Dodoma Campus
5.  Dr. Robert G Mashenene Director of Mwanza Campus
6. Mr. Jeremiah W. Tumaini Director of Mbeya Campus
7. Dr. Petro Maziku Director of Planning and Development
8. Mr. Manfred K. Nchimbi Chief Internal Auditor (CIA)
9.  Mr. Ambokile A. Mwakaje Head of Legal Services Unit
10.  Dr. William C. Gomera Director of Academic Support Services
11. Dr. Shima Banele Director of Academics
12. Dr. Ubaldus Tumaini Director of Research, Consultancy and Publication 
13. Dr. Godfrey I. Mwandosya Director of Library Services
14. Mr. Eliakim Mwangobola Director of Finance and Accounts
15. Mr. Frank Msoffe Director of Human Resource Management and Administration 
16. Mr. Gordian S. Bwemelo Manager of Quality Assurance Unit
17. Mr. Zuberi Kirondomara Head of Information and Communication Technology
18.  Mr. Leonidas M. Tibanga Head of Communication and Marketing Unit
19. Mr. Paulo M Chambua Head of Procurement Management Unit