The Chairwoman of the Board of the College of Business Education (CBE), Prof. Wineaster Anderson, has expressed her gratitude to the college’s leadership, staff, and students as she steps down, assuring that she leaves the college in safe hands.

Prof. Wineaster made these remarks today, June 6, 2024, at a brief farewell ceremony for the board members held at Protea Hotel in Dar es Salaam city. Having started her leadership in 2018, she has witnessed many developments at the college.

"Let's congratulate the Rector, Prof. Edda Tandi Lwoga, for her exemplary leadership. I am leaving knowing the college is in safe hands. Prof. Tandi is doing an excellent job, and I have no doubts about her. I also thank the leadership and every member of the CBE community. This is a college that truly values its employees," said Prof. Anderson.


In her introductory remarks, the Rector of CBE, Prof. Edda Tandi Lwoga, thanked the board for its significant work during its term, noting that she has seen the college make great strides, including the ability to draft the college’s 50-Year Vision, marking a historic milestone.

“For the first time, we are looking at CBE in the next 50 years, which is historic for us. Additionally, during this board’s tenure, they oversaw the construction of our Mbeya campus, where we have now moved into our own buildings,” said Prof. Lwoga.


Furthermore, she mentioned that during the board's term, the college has been able to devise a plan to attract investors to generate financial resources. Prof. Lwoga promised to continue collaborating with these board members even after their tenure.


On his part, the Deputy Rectot responsible for Finance, Planning, and Administration, Prof. Emmanuel Munishi, thanked the outgoing board members for upholding leadership principles, noting that he has learned a lot from them.

“Your leadership did not just adhere to laws, procedures, regulations, and guidelines; you also taught us leadership through your example. We will continue what you started because we have gained various contributions from each of you. We thank you for your commitment to continue working with us. You will always be part of our family,” said Prof. Munishi.