In the lead-up to World Metrology Day, which will be held on May 20, 2024, the College of Business Education (CBE) at the Dar es Salaam campus organized an open forum at the theatre hall in the National Museum building, Dar es Salaam. This forum was attended by CBE leaders, staff from CBE, representatives from the Weights and Measures Agency (WMA), students from the Metrology and Standardization course at CBE, as well as students and staff from various institutions.

The keynote speaker at the forum was Dr. Athumani Ngenya, the Director General of the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), who also served as the Guest of Honor. He led the forum with a discussion on the importance of enhancing resilience in the supply chain of petroleum and natural gas. His topic, "Enhancing Resilience in the Petroleum Supply Chain: The Critical Role of Metrology," emphasized the significance of accurate measurements throughout the entire supply chain of petroleum, from importation to distribution to consumers.

Dr. Ngenya educated participants on how precise measurements can help ensure safety, quality, and efficiency in the oil and natural gas sector. His presentation highlighted the importance of adhering to international standards and robust management systems to ensure that the supply chain meets both national and international demands.

The forum brought together industry experts, representatives from various institutions, staff, and students, all discussing this crucial topic. Through these professional discussions, participants gained greater insights and guidance on how to improve metrology systems in the oil and natural gas supply chain in Tanzania.