In efforts to prepare graduates who align with the global job market, the College of Business Education (CBE) has initiated a partnership with RSM Eastern Africa to enhance the capabilities of its students in the fields of accounting and financial education.
Through this collaboration, RSM will provide training to the College's students in three main areas: financial auditing, finance, tax education, and professional advisory skills.

During the opening of these training sessions at the College, the Deputy Rector of the College responsible for Planning, Finance, and Administration, Prof. Emmanuel Munishi, mentioned that besides CBE, these training programs will also be offered to students from other institutions.

"CBE will serve as the center or hub for these training programs for all higher education institutions in Tanzania. In this program, we expect to benefit around 3,000 students pursuing degrees in accounting, finance, banking, and finance-related fields," he said.
Furthermore, he emphasized that the training, conducted by senior officers from RSM Eastern Africa with international experience, would support international development agendas.

Prof. Munishi and RSM representatives addressing the students 

He highlighted that these training programs would contribute to achieving the United Nations' fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), particularly concerning quality education, especially technical education and financial education provided by CBE.
Prof. Munishi added that the training would culminate in competitions among participants, with winners being offered internships, aiding the College's efforts to prepare graduates for the job market.

He noted that RSM has been auditing CBE's financial accounts for the past six years, and throughout this time, the College has consistently received clean audit reports with suggestions that CBE has diligently addressed.

"These training sessions are crucial for our CBE students and will be conducted by experts in the field of auditing. Therefore, I see students participating in this program as incredibly fortunate, and it will contribute to the global development agenda," said Prof. Munishi.

He mentioned that the government has made significant improvements in the education curriculum, emphasizing practical learning. He stressed that financial and business education should be given special importance.

"Therefore, you students studying accounting, finance, banking, and business are in a favorable position for employment and self-employment after completing your studies because currently, everything in the world gives importance to these professions," he said.
Jovin Bhoke, the Tax Manager at RSM, stated that each year they commemorate customer service day by engaging in various activities to assist communities.

He mentioned that during these activities, they focus on government and global agendas. Presently, they are considering the fourth UN agenda that deals with providing quality education.

"We chose to come to CBE because it's an institution with a long-standing history in providing business education, tax, and financial education. We'll engage students in what we do, enabling them to study practical aspects of financial education," said Jovin.
"We'll show students that what they study theoretically exists and operates in the business world. We'll demonstrate how audits are conducted and their objectives. Therefore, they'll gain a real understanding that what they study in class is applicable in the professional world," he added.

He explained that RSM is an international institution dealing with financial audits, tax education, professional advisory services, and has vast global experience operating in over 120 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, and America.