The graduates of the College of Business Education (CBE) have been urged not to let the education they received become a source of arrogance, disorder, conflict, intoxication, insults, or ridicule, but to remember those who sacrificed for their education.

The Deputy Rector responsible for Academic, Research, and Consultancy at CBE Dodoma, Dr. Josephine Churk, made these remarks on Saturday, November 18 during the 58th graduation ceremony of the Dodoma Campus.
Dr. Josephine mentioned that Mwalimu Nyerere once said that Tanzanian education alienates those who have studied and separates them from the citizens who educated them.

"Dear graduates, please don't be this kind of people. Always remember those who sacrificed for your education. I urge you that when you encounter various societal ills, be catalysts for their resolution and change in your respective positions," she said.
Furthermore, she advised the employed graduates that when they climb the ranks, they should not be the cause of denying rights to their peers or belittling those below them.

Photo : Some of the Graduates

Deputy Minister for the Ministry of  Industry and Trade Hon. Exaud Kigahe (the Guest of Honor of the day) stated that in today's world, different countries are investing in research, innovation, and product development, something that is also expected from the College.
"As CBE, we are expected to be the pioneering innovators within the Ministry of Industry and Trade as well as within our government," he remarked.

He commended the College for initiating a special Apprenticeship and Incubation program where innovative ideas are nurtured to solve economic and social challenges.

Acting Rector of the College, Prof. Edda Lwoga, highlighted that in tackling the job market challenge, they have started a special applied business program enabling students to be innovative in solving societal and economic challenges through ideas and thoughts.
"We are nurturing these dreams to enable them to conduct full-fledged businesses while within the College environment. We started this program two years ago and have already enrolled 185 students at different stages," she stated.

She mentioned that the first group has been nurtured, with some already registering their businesses as Brella, and the second group is refining their ideas to transform them into full-fledged businesses. Prof. Edda mentioned that many have ventured into online businesses, honey and grape processing, plastic brick manufacturing, among others.

Chairperson of the college's board, Prof. Wineaster Anderson, expressed that the College continues to tackle various challenges, highlighting that through internal revenue, they have completed plans for constructing buildings in the Nzuguni area, relieving congestion near the Parliament.