"There is a clear difference in the quality of the environment of our college days and what we see today. The modern fence, construction, and improvements of infrastructure and the significant increase in number of PhDs are clear indicators of the substantial progress made by the College leadership.” This excerpt is from the speech of the Guest of Honor at the CBE Dodoma Campus Convocation, Mrs. Esther Gilyoma. Mrs. Gilyoma, who is the Managing Director of BUWSSA, congratulated the graduates and various students who had the opportunity to showcase their products. Apart from these congratulations, Esther offered a job position to one of the top-performing students in the overall results.

"I urge the College leadership to continue exploring the possibility of establishing more branches in other regions of our country where there's still a need. The education provided here is highly needed. Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t commend the leadership for the great strides they have made and the excellent strategies they have for developing the College," Mrs. Esther expressed.

The District Commissioner of Kongwa, Hon. Remidius Mwema, a CBE graduate, pledged on behalf of the other graduates to continue being good ambassadors for the College. He emphasized that every CBE graduate has the power to either build or tarnish the College’s reputation wherever they are. Furthermore, Hon. Mwema promised to help secure ten acres of land for a group of innovative students who had requested it for their agricultural project. Initially, these students had requested an extension of the land to efficiently execute a sunflower farming project.

In her opening remarks, the Acting Rector Prof. Tandi Lwoga stated that the College has started producing investors through its collaboration with the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE). She further added that the students who are nurtured under incubation program will not left on their own. They would be assisted until their ideas materialize. Prof. Tandi highlighted significant improvements, revisions, and a substantial increase in various programs offered by the College that align with market needs. "We have signed several agreements with other institutions for the apprenticeship program, which will soon be implemented. We expect that this practical training and apprenticeship program will significantly reduce the unemployment issue in the country," stated Prof. Lwoga.

Additionally, Prof. Lwoga invited stakeholders to the upcoming academic conference (BEDC) scheduled for the 21st and 22nd of November in Dodoma. The Guest of Honor at the conference is expected to be His Excellency Jakaya Kikwete, the Former President of the United Republic of Tanzania."