"I am very pleased with the products and various innovations that our students have come up with. The products I saw today can even be sold in international markets." These are excerpts from the speech by the Guest of Honor Ms. Stella Kahwa, the Director-General of the Weights and Measures Authority, at the climax of the convocation week held today on 09/11/2023, at CBE, DSM. Ms Stella, who is a CBE alumni, commended the leadership of the College for the various developments that have taken place on campus. "When we were graduating, there were not as many lecturers as there are now, and the environment was not as conducive as it is today," Stella said.

The Director-General of the Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TANTRADE), Ms. Latifa M. Khamisi, who is also a CBE graduate in the field of Marketing, didn't hesitate to shower praises on the university's leadership for continuing to produce confident and innovative students.

students showcasing their products to the Guest of Honor


In her welcome address to the various guests attending the event, the Acting Rector, Prof. Tandi Lwoga, outlined the university's commitment to providing even better services in consultancy, training, and research. "The university has introduced many new programs that align with the current market demands. Among other programs, the university has introduced a program called Marketing, Tourism, and Event Management, which is not offered by any other institution. The number of research and publications has been increasing every year. I also invite you to an Academic Conference to be held in Dodoma, where we will have the opportunity to witness various research presentations by our researchers. Additionally, the number of staff with PhDs has increased significantly, apart from those currently pursuing their studies," Prof. Lwoga explained.

During the event, various businesspeople had the opportunity to showcase their products and innovations. Nurturing and developing various talents has been a task that the College has been carrying out since its establishment. Today's event set a stage for students with talents in singing, dancing, and acting to showcase their skills.