Business Education Journal (BEJ) is an open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes biannually original and scholarly research articles that address a wide range of business and management issues around the globe. BEJ is published by the College of Business Education (CBE) and indexed by African Journals Online (AJOL) and EBSCO Host. BEJ aims to provide a platform for academicians and researchers to present new research developments and findings with significant contributions to the understanding and improvement of business management practices.

In this Call for Papers, BEJ invites academicians and researchers to submit original and review research articles in business and management fields for the year 2023/2024. The broad range of business and management topics that will be considered for publication include:

  1. Regional Integration for Enhancing International Trade Relations: Research in this area delves into the benefits and challenges of regional integration efforts in promoting international trade relations. It may include focusing on trade facilitation, harmonization of regulations, cross-border infrastructure development, and the impact of regional integration on domestic industries.
  2. Innovation and Technology Adoption for Business Competitiveness: This area focuses on understanding the role of innovation and technology adoption in driving business competitiveness. Research within this area should focus on technology transfer, research and development collaborations, intellectual property rights, and innovation impact on creating competitive advantages.
  3. Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility: This research area examines the integration of sustainable development principles and corporate responsibility practices in business operations. Research may focus on environmental sustainability, social responsibility, ethical business practices, and the role of businesses in addressing societal challenges.
  4. Trade Policy and Global Market Access: Research under this area investigates trade policies and their impact on global market access. It may focus on trade agreements, tariff and non-tariff barriers, trade negotiations, market entry strategies, and the implications of trade policy changes on businesses.
  5. Business Ethics and Corporate Governance: Research within this cluster examines ethical decision-making, corporate governance practices, and their impact on business performance and sustainability. Main focus on this cluster should be on ethical leadership, transparency, accountability, board governance, and the relationship between ethical practices and financial performance.
  6. International Marketing and Market Entry Strategies: This research area focuses on international marketing strategies and market entry modes for businesses expanding into global markets. Research may explore issues such as market assessment, branding and positioning, cultural adaptation, distribution channels, and international marketing communication.
  7. Cross cutting themes in business management and development: The research under this theme examine the intersectionality of the cross cutting themes in business management and development.

BEJ Instructions to Authors

BEJ promises double blind review of manuscripts. All manuscripts considered for publication will undergo plagiarism test before final publication. Manuscripts should be submitted before February 29, 2024 via the Business Education Journal (BEJ) online submission through this link:  

For more information, please read the detailed Business Education Journal Policy and Guidelines Interested authors may send queries about potential articles to Dr. Ubaldus Tumaini (+255765611683)