On 26th October 2023, the Acting Rector, Professor Edda Tandi Lwoga, convened a meeting at the Main Campus to address both new and existing students, discussing a range of academic and administrative topics. The meeting was a platform to welcome the new students and provide valuable insights into the journey that lies ahead.

In her address, Professor Lwoga extended a warm welcome to new students, assuring them that they have chosen the right institution at the right time. She briefly shared the rich history of the College of Business Education which has been intertwined with the nation's history since its establishment by the late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere in 1965.

The Acting Rector also highlighted some important academic changes, specifically mentioning that supplementary examinations will now be held in the respective semester in line with the updated examination rules. The overarching goal of the college is to equip students not only with academic knowledge but also with entrepreneurial skills to succeed beyond their college years. Professor Lwoga introduced the new students to the incubation program, urging them to present their business ideas for nurturing and realization into real businesses as soon as the announcement is made. She emphasized the importance of maintaining focus on studies and avoiding distractions, including cybercrime.

Some of the freshers who attended the meeting 


During the meeting, a special mention was made to celebrate the achievements of Simon John Kanjo, a student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Taxation, for his participation in the TANZANIA EMERGING YOUTH AWARDS in the Business and Entrepreneurship category. The Acting Rector encouraged all students to support Simon by voting for him at
Prior to Professor Lwoga's address, the Acting Deputy Rector responsible for Academic Research and Consultancy, Dr. Nasibu Mramba, and the Deputy Rector responsible for planning, Finance and Administration, Professor Emmanuel Munishi, delivered their introductory speeches. He emphasized that these Rules have been made more accessible to students through comprehensive explanations provided in Kiswahili and the use of concise video clips for enhanced understanding.

Professor Munishi stressed the significance of maintaining good health and focusing on academic pursuits while also highlighting the importance of timely tuition fee payments to avoid any unnecessary disruptions. Moreover, the Director of Finance, CPA Eliakim Mwangobola, provided students with further details on the flexibility of settling tuition fees. He explained how payments can be made in multiple instalments, offering a more manageable approach to financial obligations during their time at the college.
The meeting provided an interactive platform for the students, allowing them to actively engage by posing questions and sharing their concerns. These inquiries were met with thoughtful and comprehensive responses from both the Rector and the Deputy Rectors, ensuring that students' queries were thoroughly addressed and that a sense of open communication was fostered.