The College of Business Education Students’ Organization (CBESO) will organize a career day event on 19th APRIL 2024 at the College of Business Education Dar es Salaam. The event will be preceded by a sports bonanza on 19th APRIL 2024.

Career Day is a transformative event designed to provide our students with valuable insights into the diverse range of career options available to them. It serves as a bridge between academia and industry, allowing students to explore various fields and gain a deeper understanding of the skills and qualifications required to succeed.

At Career Day, our students will have the opportunity to engage directly with industry professionals who have achieved great heights in their respective careers. These guest speakers will share their experiences, offer guidance, and provide actionable advice to inspire our students as they embark on their professional journeys. Through insightful talks and interactive sessions, students will discover new facets of their chosen fields, gain clarity about their career paths, and equip themselves with the tools needed to excel.

Furthermore, Career Day will feature exhibitions and stalls representing a diverse range of industries and organizations. This platform will enable students to interact with employers, explore job opportunities, and gather information about internships and career growth prospects. By actively engaging with these organizations, students will expand their professional networks and enhance their chances of securing future employment.


  1. To provide awareness and information to students about career matters: The main objective of Career Day is to provide students with a better understanding of various career opportunities available in different industries. Through speeches by professionals and guest speakers, students gain a comprehensive understanding of different areas of work and the requirements involved.
  2. To build professional networks and relationships: Career Day provides an opportunity for students to meet professionals in different fields. Students can build lasting relationships with these professionals, ask questions, and establish a network of communication that can assist them in their future professional lives.
  3. To provide students with hands-on experience: Through Career Day, students can gain practical experience by participating in job exercises, question-and-answer sessions, or by engaging in hands-on work in various career fields. This allows them to gain a closer understanding of what is involved in particular fields of work and build confidence in those areas.


By hosting a Career Day event we believe that, the college is going to benefit in numerous ways including: -

  1. Strengthening of its industry connections: Organizing a successful Career Day event allows the college to foster and strengthen relationships with businesses and organizations in the industry. This can lead to potential partnerships, internships, and collaborations that benefit both students and faculty members. Such connections can also contribute to the college's reputation and credibility within the business community.
  2. Providing holistic career development: A Career Day event showcases the college's commitment to providing holistic education. By hosting an event that focuses on career development and connects students to industry professionals, the college demonstrates its dedication to preparing students for the competitive job market. This enhances the college's image and appeal to potential students and parents.
  3. Alumni engagement: Career Day events often invite alumni to participate as recruiters or speakers. This creates an opportunity for alumni to reconnect with the college, share their experiences, and serve as role models for current students. It fosters a sense of community and pride among alumni, while also showcasing successful career paths and achievements of former CBE students.


  1. Market Access: Sponsors and stakeholders will have the opportunity to reach potential customers who are CBE students. As a participant or sponsors of Career Day, they can promote their respective institutions to students and provide information about the services and career opportunities available within their institutions.
  2. Building relationships with students: By supporting Career Day, sponsors and stakeholders can establish close relationships with CBE students who have the potential to become future customers.
  3. Fulfilling CSR requirements: As a sponsor or stakeholder the event can enhance their respective institution’s reputation within the community. As part of their corporate social responsibility activities, Career Day can be a valuable platform for them to fulfill their social obligations and contribute to the promotion of academic and educational excellence.
  4. Brand exposure and recognition: Career Day event can help the sponsors and stakeholders to enhance their brand exposure and recognition among the CBE student community, faculty, and other participants through display branding materials such as banners, posters, and table covers that showcase their logo, colors, and messaging. This can help increase brand awareness and establish them as a trusted and supportive institution in the education and professional development sector.
  5. Networking and engagement: Encourage the sponsors and stakeholders’ representatives to actively engage and interact with students during Career Day. Foster meaningful conversations, answer questions, and provide information about their institution’s culture, values, and opportunities for growth. Make a personal connection with students, leaving a lasting impression of the business and its potential as an employer.


For different faculties of Commerce, Business, and Economics, students can gain many benefits from a Career Day event. They include: -

  1. Networking opportunities: Career Day provides students with the chance to network with industry professionals, recruiters, and representatives from various companies. This gives students access to a wide range of potential employers, allowing them to make valuable connections and build relationships. Networking can open doors to internships, job opportunities, and mentorship, giving students a head start in their career journey.
  2. Industry insights and knowledge: Career Day often includes panels, workshops, and presentations by industry experts. These sessions provide students with invaluable insights into different career paths, industry trends, and the skills and qualifications needed for success. Students can learn about the latest advancements in their fields of interest, gain a deeper understanding of specific industries, and receive practical advice on how to navigate the job market.
  3. Career guidance and support: Career Day offers students the chance to receive guidance and support from professionals who can help them make informed decisions about their career paths. Representatives from sponsors, stakeholders and other organizations can provide information about job opportunities, internship programs, and the skills and qualifications they look for in candidates. Students can receive valuable feedback on their resumes, interview skills, and career aspirations, helping them refine their career goals and increase their chances of success.


We request approval for the activity plan for the career day to help promote the talents of young people and encourage entrepreneurship. This activity will bring together young people with various talents and entrepreneurs to provide them with training, advice, and opportunities to develop skills in their professions and businesses. Participants will be able to showcase their abilities and build professional networks.

  1. Talent Bonanza:

First Prize: 200,000 Shillings

Second Prize: 100,000 Shillings

Three additional winners: 50,000 Shillings each

Details about this activity: We propose organizing a talent bonanza where participants can showcase their talents in areas such as painting, sewing, acting, poetry writing, etc. Winners will be awarded prizes according to their performance. This will motivate young people and give them opportunities to showcase their skills and inspire them to act in pursuing their dreams.

  1. Entrepreneur Incubation:

First Prize: 200,000 Shillings and business advisory support

Second Prize: 100,000 Shillings and business advisory support

Three additional participants: 50,000 Shillings each and business advisory support

Details about this activity: We recommend having an incubation process for entrepreneurs where selected participants will be empowered through training and guidance in starting and growing their businesses. The first-place winner will receive a cash prize along with business advisory support, and the other winners will receive cash prizes and limited business advisory support to help them establish a strong foundation for starting and growing their businesses.


  1. Groups of Religious and Bongofleva Singers and Dancers:

Winner: 300,000 Shillings

Details about this activity: We propose organizing competitions for groups of singers and dancers in religious and Bongofleva music genres. All groups can register and compete. Winners will receive cash prizes to encourage and support them in developing their talents in arts and entertainment.


- Entrepreneurship training and capacity building for young entrepreneurs

- Advice and guidance on starting and expanding businesses

- Empowerment and funding opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses

- Success stories from other entrepreneurs

- Education on technology and digital transformations in business

- Life skills training and business leadership

- Opportunities to learn from and exchange experiences with successful entrepreneurs from various fields

- Platform for advertising businesses and products to other participants and the public