Weighbridges Operations and management From 24 -28th June, 2019


Tanzania has hundreds of weighbridges operating in various sectors across the country especially in manufacturing industries, for trade transactions, road safety and axle road control purposes etc. Given this good number of these weighbridges, many people have been employed to operate these instruments in various capacities such as Weighbridge Operators, Weighbridge Shift In charges, and Weighbridge Supervisors. In fact, weighbridges have become one of the major source of employment in the country. However, there is one big shortcoming - there is the lack of skilled human resources. This is due to the fact that, as of current the country does not have any specialized training in weighbridges and weighbridges operation and management. This problem has been the underlying factor for poor performance and corruption in many weighbridges stations.

In order to optimize performance in weighbridges, weighbridges personnel must have necessary skills. In fact, they must have a good understanding of technical, administrative, ethical and legal aspects of weighbridges operations. This short course is therefore intending to offer these necessary knowledge and skills to the current and the potential weighbridge personnel.


This short course is intending to impart the following outcomes to the participants:

a. Good understanding of the metrology of weighbridges, this includes metrological terms pertaining to weighbridges, principles of construction of weighbridges, accuracy, uncertainties of measurements, sources of errors and good maintenance etc.
b. Acquiring skills in making weighbridge and related measurements including dimensional measurements of vehicles and Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM), vehicle configurations etc.
c. Good understanding of administration of weighbridges activities including measurements recording, charging of fees, penalties and report writing.
d. A good understanding of relevant legislations especially the Road Traffic Act and the Weights and Measures Act.
e. A good understanding of ethics generally and applied ethics in weighbridges in particular.

This course is intended for current employees in weighbridges but also for potential or those who desires to work with weighbridges in various industries such as cement, fisheries and food milling industries. Various graduate and particularly engineers who intends to acquire TANROADS qualifications are also highly encouraged to participate.

Date: 24th, - 28th June 2019.
Venue: College of Business Education – Dar es Salaam Campus, Tanzania.
Time: 12 PM – 04 PM.

The course fee is TZS 200,000/= to cover costs of facilitation, training materials, venue and light refreshments only. Participants/clients are expected to meet their transport costs to and from the venue, accommodation, healthcare and other allowances if applicable for participants. Payments should be done in advance. Payments should be done in advance. Please pay your fee through TANZANIA POSTAL BANK PLC: Account Number 191504001632, Account Name ASSOCIATION CBE CONSULTANCY.

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