The College of Business Education Celebrates the Word Metrology Day
The main theme of the day was “Constant evolution of the International Systems of Units”.
World Metrology day is an annual celebration of the signature of the metre convention on 20th May 1875 by representatives of seventeen nations.
This day is celebrated worldwide on 20th May, each year. The College of Business Education (CBE) is the only higher learning institution in East and Central Africa that offers Metrology and Standardization course. CBE has given this day a special attention by welcoming the community to a metrology day commemoration.
The celebration was held at CBE Dar es Salaam main campus, the only place in Tanzania where you can study metrology and standardization. The event was also attended by delegates from Tanzania Bureau of standards (TBS).

In his opening speech, the guest of honour Prof. Emanuel Mjema, Rector of College of Business education elaborated that on November 2018 will be the general conference on weights and measures. The conference is expected to agree on one of the largest changes to the International systems of units (the SI) since its inception. “The proposed changes are based on the results of research into new measurements methods that have used quantum phenomena as the basis of standards that are fundamental” Said Prof. Mjema

He concluded that, the science of measurement, plays a central role in scientific discovery and innovation, industrial manufacturing and international trade, in improving the quality of life and in protecting the global environment now more than any other time in history.
After the opening speech, the series of presentations followed from CBE Bachelor degree students pursuing Metrology and standardization. The students elaborated various aspects of metrology and standardization including the history of legal and industrial metrology, and they demonstrated how complex and vague the world would be without metrology.

Either, the day was well coloured by presentations from TBS delegates who mainly talked about the evolution of the international systems units. They expounded on when measurement started, where it is now and the expected changes in the year 2019. Another issue presented by TBS delegates was the significance of having necessary conditions for accurate measurements.

Furthermore , the metrology services in Tanzania was well presented, they further elaborated that, the TBS metrology laboratory is a custodian of measurements in Tanzania, and emphasized on various calibration services offered by TBS.  
During the closing speech the Acting Deputy Rector Planning, Finance and Administration Dr. Emmanuel Munishi stressed on the importance of strengthening collaboration among three institutions which are the custodian of Metrology and standardization in Tanzania. He insisted on the significance of working close to each other as we all fall under the same wing of Ministry of Industry Trade and investments. “I urge these three institutions next year to prepare a joint metrology event which will help to create more awareness to the community.” Said Dr. Munishi

He concluded by thanking TBS for its assistance to CBE, especially in the area of Metrology and standardization and CBE students during the field work attachments and request on the possibility of CBE Metrology students to do some of their training in TBS laboratories.

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