busiIntellectual Property Right for Business, Monday 5th, To Tuesday 6th November, 2018.
1.0: Course description: All contemporary businesses successful are inclined to use of one or more type of intellectual property (IP) in one way or another in order to gain and maintain substantial competitive edge in market place. In the same respect, Business Leaders, and Entrepreneurs therefore, require a much better understanding of the tools of IP system to protect and exploit IP asset they own, or wish to use for their business models and competitive strategies in Domestic and international markets. However, increasingly it is noted that that a significant number of entrepreneurs are unaware of the Intellectual property rights which essentially allow creators and owners of patents, trademarks and copyrighted works to benefit from their own work or investment in creation.

This course therefore is intended to equip entrepreneurs with Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) knowledge and skills that Include Trade secretes protectives, copy rights, design and trademarks rights, Patents as well as other types of rights. These are essentially for creating tradable asset out of products of human intellect and provide large array of IPR tools on which businesses can rely to help drive their success through Innovative Business Models.
2.0: Learning content and outcomes:  At the end of the course the participants are expected to understand well all aspects of Intellectual property (IP) and Intellectual Property Right (IPR) and specifically internalise the following specific skills.
•    Understand concept of Intellectual Property (IP)
•     Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
•    Patents
•    Trade marks
•    Industrial Design
•    Geographical Indication
•    Copy Rights and Related Rights
•    Institution responsible for Intellectual Property (IP) ie BRELA, ARIPO & WIPO
•    Importance of IP tools like Trade Marks, Industrial Design, Patents etc
•    Setting up Intellectual Property Services.

3.0:  methodology
The main facilitation techniques for the course include lectures, group discussions and presentations; but also discussion and analysis of real case studies.

4.0: Target group,

The course is intended to senior managers, lectures, religious leaders, policy advocacy experts, and whoever involved in public speaking related circles.

Date: Monday 5th, To Tuesday 6th November, 2018.
Venue: the College of Business Education – Dar es Salaam Campus, Tanzania.
Time: 09.00Am– 3.00 PM.

The course fee is TZS 200,000/= to cover costs of facilitation, training materials, venue and light refreshments only. Participants/clients are expected to meet their transport costs to and from the venue, accommodation, healthcare and other allowances if applicable for participants. Payments should be done in advance.  Please pay your fee through TANZANIA POSTAL BANK: Account Number 191504001632, Account Name ASSOCIATION CBE CONSULTANCY BUREAU

Please complete the registration form and return it with the bank pay in slip to CBE by mail, fax or physical address as specified hereunder:

Mr. Ngussa Kinamhala
Consultancy Coordinator and Head-Entrepreneurship Centre
College of Business Education
P. O. Box 1968, Dar es Salaam
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Dr. Pastory Dickson
Director – Research and Postgraduate Studies
College of Business Education
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