This scientific writing course guides learners through the process of writing and publishing an original research manuscript. This self-guided e-learning course consists of eight interactive modules. Learners are encouraged to complete modules in order. After completing one module but prior to moving on to the next module, it is recommended that learners apply what was learned to a personal scientific writing project, preferably working with a mentor. Suggested steps for applying learnings are included at the end of each module.

Scientific Writing will include the following modules in order

Module 1: Writing and Publication Process
This module provides an overview of the overall writing and publication process for scientific papers. The module addresses components of a scientific paper, steps to consider when drafting a paper, and the journal selection process.

Module 2: Basic Writing Principles
This module describes fundamental scientific writing principles that can be used to improve a paper’s impact. The module covers techniques for writing clearly and concisely.

Module 3: Abstract
This module covers the importance of a well-crafted scientific paper abstract. The abstract provides readers an overview of the study and is often used to determine if the submission merits consideration for publication. The module includes tips on how to ensure an abstract accurately represents the paper’s value.

Module 4: Introduction Section
This module covers the introduction section of a scientific paper, which contextualizes the study and highlights the knowledge gap being addressed. The module describes introduction components and how to write a focused introduction.

Module 5: Methods Section
This module explains the purpose and structure of the methods section of a scientific paper. The module describes best practices for organizing and writing the methods section so that readers can easily understand how the study was conducted.

Module 6: Results Section
This module focuses on the results section of a scientific paper, which provides findings relevant to the study objective. The module discusses the presentation of results, how to use tables and figures to shape the presentation, and strategies for clearly communicating findings.

Module 7: Discussion Section
This module describes the discussion section of a scientific paper, which interprets the study findings within the context of the study objective and existing literature. The module provides strategies for writing a strong discussion section.

Module 8: Wrapping Up: Title, Supporting Materials, and Submitting Your Manuscript
This final module explains the submission and review processes for a scientific paper. The module also covers crafting an effective title and preparing the supporting materials requested by journals during paper submission.

Junior-level academicians and researchers, PhD and masters’ students, and general public interested in scientific writing.

Date: 26th – 28th May, 2021
The College of Business Education (CBE) – Dar es Salaam Campus
Time: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

The course fee of TZS 300,000 (for Tanzanians) and equivalent of US$ 200.00 (for foreigners). For payment, visit CBE online payment Portal : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The workshop will be facilitated by experienced facilitators from the College of Business Education

You are requested to confirm your participation before 12th May, 2021

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