BEDC 2022

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Tuesday, 15 November 2022 00:00
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The main theme for this year's Conference is 'Trade, investment, and Innovation for Economic Transformation'. The Guest of Honor is H.E Dr. Hussein Mwinyi, the President of Zanzibar who is being represented by Hon. Lela Muhamed Mussa, Ministress of Education and Vocational Training. This historical is taking place at the Jakaya Kikwete Convention Centre, Dodoma







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Thursday, 27 October 2022 00:00
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he Rector of the College of Business Education (CBE) wishes to inform all that the 3rd Business and Economic Development Conference (BEDC) 2022 will be held on 15 – 16th November, 2022 at Jakaya Kiwete Convention Hall in Dodoma. The Conference theme is Trade,Investment and Innovation for Economic Transformation. The Guest of Honor will be the President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi.

He also invites all 2022 Graduands of Masters, Post-graduate Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Diploma and Basic Technician Certificate Programmes that the 57th graduation ceremonies will be held based on the following schedule.

 12/11/2022  Dar es salaam  Dar es salaam
 19/11/2022  Dodoma  Dodoma
 25/11/2022  Mwanza  Mwanza
 03/12/2022  Mbeya  Mbeya

Graduands should observe the following:
1. Confirm their intention to partipate in the graduation ceremony through their respective accounts in the Student Academic Register Information System (CoSIS) at least 5 days before the event

2. Graduands should confirm their participation through payment of Tshs 65,000/= after getting a control number from the CoSIS or Accounts offices. Tshs 20,000/= will be refunded upon returning the gown within four days while a penalty of Tshs 5,000/= will have to be paid for the gown for each extra day a Graduand stays with the gown after the stated deadline.

3. The Graduation gowns should be picked up from the offices of Dean in various Campues strictly five (2) days before the Graduation date.

4. Graduands who will not participate in the rehearsal will graduate in absentia. Rehearsals will be held at 13:00 Hrs in various Campuses as indicated below

 11/11/2022  Dar es salaam  Dar es salaam
 18/11/2022  Dodoma  Dodoma
 24/11/2022  Mwanza  Mwanza
 02/12/2022  Mbeya  Mbeya

The Dar es Salaam Campus convocation week will start from 7th to 10th November whereby various activities such as paper presentations, exhibitions as well as seminars and workshops on various business areas will be facilitated.

Please note that The College will not be responsible for travel and accommodation costs/arrangements.


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Monday, 26 September 2022 00:00
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The climax of the fundraising campaign for building girls’ hostel at CBE Mbeya Campus was on 24th September, 2022. The event was held at Eden Highlands Hotel, Mbeya. Famously known as CBE-Mbeya Campus Fundraising Dinner was a success as different Public and Private Institutions sent their generous supports and pledges towards the realization of the project. The guest of Honor of this event was Hon. Juma Zuberi Homera, Mbeya Regional Commisioner. The Management of the College sends its sincere gratitude to everyone who made this event successful. Furthermore, its acknowledges the support of those who were present at the Dinner and the good intention of those who wanted to come but could not make it.

CBE in Zanzibar

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Wednesday, 06 April 2022 00:00
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History of CBE

The COLLEGE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION (CBE) was established in 1965 by the Act of the Parliament. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION Act No. 31 of 1965. His Excellency, J.K. Nyerere, the first President of the United Republic of Tanzania officially opened the new College in January 1965. The College was officially named the “College of Business Education” (CBE). The said Act of Parliament gives the College its legal status as an autonomous institution with its Governing Body. The College shall be governed and administered in accordance with the provisions of this Act.


The origin of the College of Business Education (CBE) is closely linked to the history of the Nation itself.

Address : Bibi Titi Mohamed Rd. P. O. Box 1968, Dar es Salaam

Hotline : +255-022-2150177