Vicent Tarmo
Class: 2005 Course: Advance diploma in Legal and Industrial Metrology
My name is Vicent Tarmo. Currently I am working with Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) as Weighbridge Technical Expert. Before joined TANROADS, I was working with Weights and Measures Agency as Weights and Measures Officer. Working with these Agencies is a result of good education I achieved from College of Business Education faculty of Legal and Scientific Metrology. I completed my Advanced Diploma in 2005. Therefore CBE is a source of my life achievement and I will always be proud of it. Weighbridge Technical Expert -TANROADS HQ.
Manhe Nkwabi Jonathan
My name is Manhe Nkwabi Jonathan, currently working as a Loans Officer at the Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) and past General Manager at BR Solutions LTD. I graduated from the College of Business Education in 2013 with a Bachelor in Accountancy. The support received from lecturers, their influence and their genuine advice was the best guidance a student could possibly have to assist us in identifying our dreams and knowing how best to achieve them. The combination of concepts learned from the lectures, real life experience in class and the practical application and development of accounting skills at the college helped me develop and prepared me to be competitive in the market. It is here that I learned not only to analyze problems logically and quickly, but also to find solutions and creative strategies for these problems. In 2012, I served as president of the students’ organization, which taught me to how to maintain good professional relationships and to be diplomatic at times. It is my great experience with my alma mater and the tremendous academic excellence that the College is currently achieving under Prof. Emanuel A. Mjema that is making me be in touch with my college as an active alumnus. I am very lucky to have attended the College of Business Education."